Here are the notes of a day I spent looking around for image rights:

First, I started on the Smithosonian

and thought that I would begin by searching Smithsonian and adding to my collection…but then I found their rights and reproductions page

and thought about looking at Moma’s site instead. Here’s what they listed:
All requests to reproduce works of art from MoMA’s collection within North America (Canada, U.S., Mexico) should be addressed directly to Art Resource, Scala‚Äôs New York representative, at 536 Broadway, New York, New York 10012. Telephone (212) 505-8700; fax (212) 505-2053,,
>OK, so I left a message with allison on Thursday and then I talked with Kerry on Friday.
212 505 8700

She said, roughly, we were probably looking at something like $250 an image and that we may also have to pay more $$ to clear w/ artist estate such as vaga, artist rights society, etc.

I sent to her the title of the textbook, print run, list of images we want.

She said that “use is use” of a photo or of a painting or even of a photo of a painting; ie. there is no “fair use”.

So that seemed sort of bleak without a budget for images. Then I checked out Fischinger’s website to see what we could dig up there. We were hoping for just one still frame of any of his works. I called the number on the site and spoke with an woman who made me repeat my phone number eight times before she was able to decipher that my LA-based phone number starts with area code 323 and has only seven digits following the area code. She took my number and said that cvm will call me regarding Oskar Fischinger, but now it’s been four days and the phone isn’t ringing. In a way, it probably doesn’t matter – they would want money, I’m sure, and we don’t have any.

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